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We are now offering our annual Pre-Sale on our popular mortar tube and plug kits. By offering a presale we are able to mass purchase HDPE pipe early before oil prices spike and costs go up. This allows us to lock in lower prices for our customers. All pre-sale purchases will be shipping the last week in May. Buy them while you can and before prices sky rocket due to oil prices.

12" Pre-sale Mortar Tubes Kit 

15" Pre-sale Mortar Tubes Kit


The Merlock is now for sale at a very special pricing structure. For more information on the Merlock Computer Fireworks Firing System you can click here for the information page.

Click here to Purchase to the Merlock Firing System 


Online Supplier of FCC Certified Wireless Firing Systems, Fireworks Display Supplies, Mortar Tubes, Mortar Plugs, Mortar Tube Racks, Noveltie Fireworks, Cannon Fuse, Visco Safety Fuse, Chemicals, Fireworks Project Kits And Solid Oak DR11 Mortar Tube Plugs

Fireworks Firing System News

Mortar Tubes Online is now carrying ZYX Goddess Of The Night Sky Firing Systems.

All of our Twitter followers and Facebook friends will receive a 10% off coupon code. Simply contact us with your profile name and we will send you your coupon code after we have confirmed that you are our friend/follower.

 HDPE Mortar Tubes

Super Strong!
Mortar Tubes

  • Quality HDPE
  • Available in Bulk
  • Custom Sizes
  • Plugged or Unplugged
  • 1.75" HDPE Tube DR11, (1.91" ID)
  • 12" & 15" Length
  • Up to 6" diameter

EasyLight Ignition
E-Fire Match

  • Fully Compatible
  • Easy To Use
  • Complete Instructions
  • Ships USPS Ground
  • 5  igniters per pack
  • Professional results

Standard & Solid Wood Mortar Tube Plugs

  • Bulk Pricing Available
  • 2" - 12" Mortar Plugs
  • Kiln Dried White Pine, Hem Fir, and Southern Yellow Pine
  • Standard plugs are 1-1/2" thick and have a beveled edge
  • Weatherproof Laminations

DR11 Solid Oak Mortar Tube Plugs

  • Solid Oak Plugs
  • Super Strong & Long Lasting
  • Kiln Dried
  • Weather Laminated
  • End Grain Cut
  • 1.93" Diameter
  • Easy Fit Tapered Ends


  • Mortar Tube Rack Kits
  • 5& 10 Shot Mortar Rack Kits
  • Precut & Predrilled Lumber
  • 5/8" Plywood Top & OSB Bottom Rails
  • 1/2" CDX Plywood Spacers
  • Saves You Money On Shipping
  • Optional Wide Bottom Plate For Stability
  • Tested To Hold Up To The Extremes
  • Illustrated Downloadable Instructions


Featured Products more
PRE-SALE 15" 50 Mortar Tubes and Plugs Kit
PRE-SALE 15" 50 Mortar Tubes and Plugs Kit
PRE-Sale on 15" mortar tube kits. 50 Tubes and 50 Plugs. Pre-Sale This items will ship the first week in May this year. This allows us to buy now at the lower price before the HDPE goes up in price as the spring months aproach.
 $89.00 - $94.99 
Beginner Wireless 6 Cue Firing System
Beginner Wireless 6 Cue Firing System
This unit is perfect to try out electonic firing of fireworks before making the jump into the higher priced models.
PRE-SALE 12" Mortar Tube Kits Discounted
PRE-SALE 12" Mortar Tube Kits Discounted
PRE-Sale on 12" mortar tube kits. 50 Tubes and 50 Plugs. Thats $1.69 per tube. Prices will increase as oil prices increase. Get them at the lowest price of the year.
 $74.99 - $84.99 

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