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Electronic Firing Systems & Igniters

Firing systems for professional pyrotechnic display shooters.  Our electric firing systems are programmable and can be used wired or wireless.  Innovative and exclusive, our systems redefine fireworks display supplies.

  • ZYX Wireless Firing Systems ZYX Wireless Firing Systems

    FCC Certified Fireworks Wireless Firing Systems. Mortar Tubes Online is now proud to carry the ZYX brand firing systems. These systems are the perfect starter system that can be expanded as needed. Small and easy to setup.  ZYX is the goddess of the night skies in Greek mythology. 

  • Firing System Igniters Firing System Igniters

    Firing System Igniters Talon Brand 

  • Batteries Batteries

    A23 Batteries for remotes and high quality AA Batteries for the ZYX firing systems 

  • Merlock Firing Systems Merlock Firing Systems

    Mortar Tubes Online and Pyro-D-Lite are proud to carry some of the most advanced wireless firing systems on the market while still keeping prices in the pyro hobbyist price range.  These electronic firing systems are the best on the market in their class. Pyro-D-Lite Pro wireless firing systems blow the other electronic firing systems on the market out of the water with features like: FCC Certification Overload Protection Afforable Pricing Sturdy Waterproof Recharchable Expandable LEGAL

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