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Merlock digital computer wireless wired firing system Congratulations on considering the purchase of the Merlock Digital Firing System. This system was designed as a robust, compact, and highly functional firing platform system with the intention that we can introduce a top performing digital scripting firing system that can be afforded by all. Within each module, is a MKII processing PC board that was designed by European computer programmers with direction from PYRODLITE LLC , which offers the consumer a safe and reliable system and all the firing modes, (if not more) than systems that are priced much higher. Additionally, every button and accessory was carefully chosen and placed to provide the most ergonomic design possible. The current design allows for future improvements as technology is developed and tested. The Software used on this system was designed by our partners in the UK, Lumatech Systems, and personally tested by us to ensure that it meets all of our customer’s needs. Additionally, Lumatech is very open to product suggestions and an improvement to this technology is constantly being made. Each Merlock sold comes with the firing scripting software necessary to import their own copy of FinalePro Scripting Software. Additional testing by our partner beta testing branch is on-going. In this regard, functionality and hardware improvements are constantly being considered and implemented. In general, this system is a highly expandable digital firing system that can be scripted to fire a full pyro-musical, fired manually, fired in semi-auto mode, and fired in Step-Mode. Additionally, we developed this system to be independent of the typical expensive firing controller. You can simply use your own PC or even a pre-existing firing system to start your show! This unit is sold as a wired system, but with a small upgrade the shooter can turn any Merlock into a wireless module. This is one of the few technologies that allow you to have both wired and wireless modules working together in a firing solution to shoot a professional fireworks show.

Computer Merlock firing system image character Merlock Capablities This system has the following firing modes: 1. Manual: corresponding PC Cue button will fire that cue 2. SemiAuto: Create a series of scriptable or programmed sequences and fire those set sequences at specific times with a simple executable PC command 3. Full Auto: Upload your script from your own copy of FinalePro or business directly into the Merlock via CSV file and add your music. Then execute the entire show from your PC. 4. Use the system as a standalone 32 cue sequencer which can take input from any pre-existing system with an output of 6v to 24v 5. Use the system as an advanced stepper. When set, everytime the system detects a firing pulse it will fire 1 cue in order from 1-32. (can be sequenced and stepped in any order that you program) 6. The purchase of this hardware comes with the firing software “FinaleFirer” and “Ion.Basic” 7. This Hardware will also work with Merlin Firing Software which is included free and can be used instead of the Lumatech software. 8. FinaleFirer software can upload a generic CSV file if the user does not own a copy of FinalePro Scripting software 9. System can be connected to the PC via RS485 comport via simple 2 wire 22 ga wire 10. The hardware allows for bi-directlional communication when connected to the PC. This allows for realtime product continuity testing seen at the PC and individual modules when first powered up. 11. System has multiple layers of circuit protection providing electrical isolation from every cue. 12. System must be keyed on and remotely or manually activated to be able to be armed to fire 13. System can have the software updated remotely when firmware updates are available. 14. The purchase during the pre-sale phase locks in that pre-sale price for 2 years for the identical model only. With the purchase of a Merlock, you have the option of purchasing 2 activation license keys for FinalePRO for $186.75 (normally $249) or if you already own the FinalePro software, you can upgrade to the business Finale for $285 (normally $400) Programming notes: During scripting you can split a module across multiple launch positions by adding the same module to each launch position (i.e., the same module address), but use the "first pin" and "number of pins" fields of the module at each position to assign the modules separate ranges of pins. For example, the module at position A could have first pin = 1, number of pins 10. Position B could have first pin 11, number of pins 10. Position C could have first pin 21, number of pins 12. When you export, the script to the Merlock, you will have a single module, but in your simulation you will have effects split out over three positions. The Merlock can be expanded to 3200 cues per each PC or control unit.

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