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Novelty Fireworks

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Smoke fireworks, snap pops, wedding cake sparklers, sparklers, and all other novelty type items 

  • Sparklers Sparklers

    Our sparklers come in different sizes, colors and effects. You will be sure to find the right sparklers for your occasion. Include sparklers in your 4th of July BBQs,weddings, birthdays, graduations, New Year&#39s parties and other celebrations. Make your event special with sparklers! Multiple sparklers and sizes can be found inside here

  • Firework Projects and Kits Firework Projects and Kits
    Projects and Kits to make your own pyrotechnic devices and fireworks.
  • Fireworks Punks Fireworks Punks

    There are many uses for Punks. They  are a great tool for lighting your fireworks safely.

  • Consumer Novelty Fireworks Consumer Novelty Fireworks

    Novelty Consumer Class Fireworks

  • Signal Rockets ,Flares and Flare Guns Signal Rockets ,Flares and Flare Guns
    Hand held signal rockets & flares. Marine type. Red flare. 10,000 candle power burns for 60 seconds. Visibility 5 miles in open area ships as haz-mat, must ship by ground service. Some units are expired. They still work fine, however expired units should not be used for emergency distress signaling. Several different styles sold. High Quality,  Picture may not match the product,
  • Smoke Fireworks Smoke Fireworks

    Check out our Huge selections on smoke devices.Perfect for paint ball, make a "Wall of fog, smoke". Include our smoke devices in your Halloween Celebrations. Pyrotechnicians, use smoke devices for your daytime fireworks as an insert.

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